A gourmet take on an old fashioned favourite

We were delighted that the newly launched Woomargama Station Murray River Smokehouse smoked lamb won a Gold Award for Best Cured Meat in the Australian Food Awards in 2018.

The Woomargama Station/Murray River Smokehouse smoked lamb may be a recent innovation, but the relationship with Butt’s Smokehouse, as was Murray River’s previous name, has been ongoing since the 1960s when Arthur and Olga Butt owned the business.

Anthony Ainsworth, the owner of Murray River Smokehouse today, is the creator of the Woomargama Smoked Lamb. Its all-natural recipe is a closely held secret. Smoking the lamb elevates the flavour from ‘Grandma’s roast’ to a delicacy with a slightly salty but robust flavour.

It was an easy meeting of the minds between Woomargama Station and Murray River Smokehouse. Both are family-run businesses that value animal husbandry, environmental good practice and supporting local business. The smoked lamb is loved by customers who appreciate artisan food with clear provenance.