“You don’t own the land;
the land owns you”

The Weekly Times Newspaper calls it ‘Australia’s Greatest Story’: the story of the 128,000 farmers in Australia who feed 60 million people worldwide. Instead of being seen as part of the problem of biodiversity and habitat loss as well as carbon and methane emissions, farming bodies across Australia are coming up with solutions for farmers to farm alongside nature and to reduce their carbon footprints. At Woomargama Station we continue to innovate to achieve our twin goals of profitability and natural capital conservation.

Nestled on the edge of The Great Dividing Range near the Murray River, Woomargama Station has undulating hills which suit our poll hereford cattle and merino sheep grazing. We have some highly productive flats with improved (non native) grasses and box woodland hills, some of which are managed under Biodiversity Conservation Trust Covenant.


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Australian Food Awards 2019

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