Healthy landscapes are resilient landscapes

We may be in the business of farming cattle and sheep, but we are actually farming soil. Topsoils can be notoriously thin in Australia and the weather is often harsh so maintaining topsoils by adequate ground cover grasses and soil erosion management is key. We encourage deep rooted perennial grasses and careful stock rotation and management to retain our soils and stop water runoff and dust displacement.

Fencing off creeks and dams, and providing trough water to stock in many paddocks, stops the erosion of banks, reduces the silt and dirt in the water and minimizes run off. These measures also attract native birds and frogs and allow the endangered Pygmy Perch to live in our waterways and also attract native birds and frogs.

The Station has recently installed significant solar collection facilities to power critical infrastructure such as our water pumps. This is all part of the Station’s commitment to carbon output reduction and carbon capture in soils and tree planting.

It is exciting that Woomargama Station is leading the way by partnering with Australian National University’s Sustainable Farms to conduct bird mapping in our waterways. The Station will also work with La Trobe University’s Centre for Future Landscapes to undertake a pilot project on adding the value of natural capital to farm accounts.