An historic station with modern thinking

Our family has owned Woomargama Station for more than 50 years. The Station is not just a business but a family home.

Ours is a values driven enterprise. We place high animal welfare, environmental sustainability and community co-operation at the front and centre of all we do. Our poll herefords and merinos are afforded the Five Animal Freedoms. Our cattle are grass fed only, hormone and antibiotic free, certified under the Never Ever program and our wool is ZQ Merino accredited. Both accreditations require stringent audits and compliance visits at any time.

The property has undulating hills and fertile valleys which makes it well suited to grazing not cropping. Our improved pastures of clover, lucerne, oats, pyllaris and other species are used for stock grazing and for making silage for supplementary feeding. Our hill country provides good balance for the flats. Over 100,000 trees have been planted and creek banks restored since our 30 year partnership with Landcare commenced. Our box woodland country is managed under covenant with the Biodiversity Conservation Trust.