Prime beef is grass fed

There is more carbon in the soil than in the atmosphere and plant-life combined. Managing soils through sustainable grazing, topsoil management and carbon capture through grazing management will be our future. Grass-fed-only beef is part of this solution.

The Never Ever Grass Fed Only Beef program puts animals first: no grains, no hormones and no antibiotics. While antibiotics are permitted if you have a sick animal (which is how it should be), that animal, while still achieving the same price, will not be certified Never Ever. Thus, farmers are rewarded for putting animal welfare first.

Free-roaming animals have a much higher quality of life than grain-fed animals in confined spaces.They are able to behave normally, roam freely and socialize with other animals. During dry summers, we feed our cattle silage made from the pastures on the property.

Grass-fed-only beef is premium beef and has higher levels of healthy Omega 3 fats which are the “good fats” essential to our health.