Wool: the perfect solution to the fast fashion crisis

Our white, bright high-quality fleece has been gaining a name internationally.

Woomargama Station works with its brand partner ZQ Merino in producing high-quality merino wool for international textile and fashion houses. ZQ is one of the world’s leading ethical wool brands bringing together wool producers who support animal welfare, environmental sustainability, social responsibility and quality fibre that can be traced back to partner farms.

A key customer of ZQ Merino is the Kering Group, (website) one of the two biggest textile buyers in the world. The Kering Group’s strategy is to reduce its environmental footprint, choose responsible and well-managed supply sources and to protect and restore biodiversity. Acclaimed actor and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson, is an independent Director of the Kering Group. Other ZQ customers are VF Corp which owns Icebreaker, North Face and Smartwool.

It is great also to have some family run artisan businesses such as Nishikawakeori buy ZQ Wool to make their men’s clothing.